Tile Roofing in Madison

Chances are that if you are reading this then you are the proud owner of a Madison home with tiled roofing. Whether terracotta or clay tiles cover your Madison home, the simple fact of the matter is that roof tiles provide homeowners with a wide range of options that other roofing material options simply cannot. If you are in Madison and want the best tile roofing installation, repair and maintenance service then you need to contact Gordon Roofing & Restoration today. Our skilled service and commitment to tiling excellence is second to none and simply will not be matched for price, style or convenience. If you want the best tile roofing service then you need to contact us today and allow us to take care of everything else – trust us, you won’t regret it.

Clay Tile Roofing Disadvantages

At Gordon Roofing & Restoration, we are very proud of the high-quality service we offer to all our residential customers in Madison. One of the biggest aspects of this high-quality offering is to provide an honest and transparent service to all our customers. That is why we always endeavor to offer a straight-up approach to all the tiling services we offer. This means pointing out the advantages as well as the disadvantages of all our tiling options – clay tiles are no different in this respect. So, with that in mind, it is important to remember that despite the many options offered by clay tiles, the reality is that disadvantages do occur. One of the biggest issues of clay tiles is their weight. So, if your home is adorned with clay tiles, you need to make sure that your home is strong enough to support it. If you are installing them from the start of your build then you need to make sure that the structural integrity is in place. Another major disadvantage of clay tiles is that they are costlier than other roofing material options. If you are looking for an equally durable tiling material then concrete tiles could be a great option for you.

Three Benefits of Terracotta Tiles

At Gordon Roofing & Restoration, we offer an array of roof tiling services that can benefit or enhance the look and feel of any Madison home. Terracotta tiles have a range of distinct benefits, and three of the biggest perks include:

  • 1. Low-Maintenance: One of the best things about terracotta tiles is that once they are maintained, they have negligible maintenance requirements. Should a problem occur, only the affected tiles will need to be repaired.
  • 2. Fire-Resistant: One of the biggest attributes of terracotta roof tiles is that they are non-combustible and can be safely used in fire-prone areas.
  • 3. Tank Safety: Terracotta roof tiles are non-toxic and can provide your rood with a clean and healthy tiling option.

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